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A place where Zelda fans can come and state their headcanons. Theories and confessions are welcomed too! {Submissions are open!}
Feb 20 '14

The Triforce does not always go to the same bearers. In cases where all three members are reincarnated (so, not cases like Twilight Princess, where the Triforce of Power had already imprinted on Ganondorf in the other timeline), the order can be and is changed - it just so happens that the conditions where Link has Courage, Zelda has Wisdom, and Ganondorf has Power usually also leads to clashes, because it is not, in fact, the most suitable configuration.

The most suitable configuration would actually be Zelda with Courage, to allow her to take action for Hyrule’s sake, Ganondorf with Wisdom, to temper his ambitions and allow him to view his situation rationally, and Link with Power - usually selfless and kind, he uses his power to make positive changes in his community. Those stories, where everyone is at peace, though, do not become legends.

(Some do. In Spirit Tracks, Zelda would have almost certainly had Courage and Link would have had Wisdom - she was an eager fighter, he was better at puzzles and thought more about things. Cole, in that situation, would have had Power.)

{Submitted by ryttu3k}

Jan 6 '14

Also I will be not only adding A Link Between Worlds in the tags, but also adding some other tags used frequently and change some of the other tags.


  • A Link Between Worlds
  • Race
  • Item
  • Child Timeline
  • Adult Timeline
  • Downfall Timeline
  • Hyrule Fantasy(Which is another title for the first Zelda game)


  • Oracles of Seasons, Oracles of Ages -> Oracles
  • Link to the Past -> A Link to the Past
  • Four Swords Adventures -> Four Sword
  • Legend of Zelda -> Hyrule Fantasy
  • Legend of Zelda will now include all games

I am currently working on changing tags and updating the tag page. If there’s anything else you think I should change/add to the tag list don’t be afraid to message me or leave a comment here.

Jan 6 '14

thewillowbends replied to your post “Is it okay to submit headcanons for a Link Between Worlds?”

Maybe just put a specific spoiler tagon it so people can block it if they want? I know some countries get the game much later than America.

actualnightmaredethl replied to your post “Is it okay to submit headcanons for a Link Between Worlds?”

I was actually going to ask you when you’d be able to play the game so that we could do this, but if you’re willing to open them now I’d be totally for it!
celticmagician replied to your post: “Is it okay to submit headcanons for a Link Between Worlds?”:
I think it’s a good time, yes. It’s been out long enough imo. ovo

Looks like people are okay with submitting headcanons for the game! So I say go ahead and send them in! I’ll be sure to update the submission tags and place it in there.

Those who don’t want spoilers, block the tag ‘A Link Between Worlds’. Also I haven’t played the game myself, but sadly I’m pretty sure a major spoiler has already been spoiled for me(sigh). This doesn’t mean you have to avoid submitting certain headcanons, since I’m glad to take any and all.

Sorry for posting so slow on this blog. I don’t get many submission and because of that when I do get some I often forget they’re there. I’ll try my best to be better about it.

Jan 5 '14

Anonymous asked:

Is it okay to submit headcanons for a Link Between Worlds?

Ah! I seemed to have forgotten about adding this game to the tags! This is probably because I have yet to play the game myself(and probably won’t for a long while). I don’t mind posting headcanons though if everyone is alright with that.

So, think it’s time for allowing headcanons for this game guys?

Dec 21 '13

Oocca Varieties

There are as many Oocca types as there are species of birds, and each one is based off of those said birds. Small songbird Oocca do the thinking, the corvids (crows, ravens, jays, etc) do the inventing and teaching, the raptors (eagles, hawks, etc) to the defending and fighting, and Oocca like the cuccos, ducks, and turkeys do the physical labor. Of course, there are far more varieties than what I mentioned, but it would take a while to mention them all.

{Submitted by ChromaColors}

Dec 20 '13
"The Adult Timeline is currently the only one where Link is not forced into an animal transformation. However, if he were to transform, he would most likely become a dolphin or a shark."
{Submitted by ChromaColorsArt is by aquanut}

"The Adult Timeline is currently the only one where Link is not forced into an animal transformation. However, if he were to transform, he would most likely become a dolphin or a shark."

{Submitted by ChromaColors
Art is by aquanut}

Dec 19 '13

Even though I’m running a little low on ideas and theories for you. just wanna let you know I check the blog all the time. and if I get any idea ideas I’ll post em as soon as I can!


Thanks so much! You’ve done so much already! You’re a bit support and I hope it continues to be that way.

Dec 15 '13

Anonymous asked:

Aaaand I just fell in love with this blog. Bless you

Yay! I’m glad you love the blog! It’s always great to hear how people love this blog even if it doesn’t update often.

Dec 1 '13

hunterbear97 replied to your post “Where are the Sheikah in skyward sword?”

I personally think that the shiekah organization hadn’t been formed at that time yet.
Nov 30 '13

The Gerudo: A Nomadic Race

The Gerudo people are normally nomadic and they wander their homelands of the Gerudo Desert in search of seasonal rain and equally nomadic food, bedding men of any nearby races along the way. When Ganondorf came to power, he had his people semi-permanently settle near the Gerudo-Hyrule border, allowing easy trade between the groups. Once Ganondorf was banished/died in all three of the timelines, the Gerudo went back to their nomadic ways.

{Submitted by ChromaColors}